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Microsoft announced a few days ago (July 23) As Windows 7 phases exceeded alpha si betaVersion declared as RTM (Ready to manufacturing) are +7600.16385.090713. The announcement was made by CEO Steve Ballmer at the conference Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) Held in Atlanta.

Although RTM is the final version of Windows 7Ie one that successfully passed all tests and verifications of safety and quality made by Microsoft engineers does not mean that the development of this operating system is finished. New versions will be built further in order to solve any problems and errors that may occur, Microsoft already working Windows 7 SP1. That is why it would be fairer to say that RTM is actually just the beginning, and that from here before compatibility is verified Windows 7 with some hardware from various manufacturers (failure to take account of Windows Vista after its release).

Windows 7: from RTM to GA (general availability)

- precisely to avoid a situation similar to the one launched Windows Vista (which suffered due to the incompatibilities discovered between software and hardware), OEMs were the first to receive Windows 7 RTM for tests, one day after it was announced as completed (24 July);

- Starting with August 6, premium subscribers of MSDN and TechNet will be able to download Windows 7 RTM from their websites;

- for those enrolled in the Gold Partnership program with Microsoft, Windows 7 RTM will be available starting with August 16 2009;

- Microsoft Action Pack subscribers will be able to get the RTM starting August 23;

- VL (Volume License) customers with a SA (Software Assurance) license will be able to download Windows 7 RTM via Volume License Service Center starting with August 7;

- VL customers without a SA license can start to buy Windows 7 from 1 September (via Volume Licensing);

- the October 22 2009 Windows 7 will be available in stores for all those interested in this operating system (general availability).

With the announcement of availability Windows 7 for various categories of partners and / or customers, Microsoft wanted to thank the millions of beta testers, released in January 2009, and specified that the ability to pre-order the OS at prices up to 50% discount it was granted because of them and that no other special treatment will exist (the specification was made to put an end to speculations that beta testers will receive free copies Windows 7). At the same time, a Microsoft spokesman reminded everyone interested in Windows 7 about RC will expire only on June 1 2010 (From March 1 2010 since only every 2 hours system restart), ie more than half a year after the final version will be officially launched.

Windows NOT RTM - Tic-Tac!

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