Windows 7's XP Mode (RC secrets)

If you're wondering which are major differences they have announced Microsoft la RC, You will not have very long to wait. Now it's official: we have release Candidate on May 5th (Or even if you subscribe 30 April MSDN si TechNet).

There certainly has been a lot of discussion about Windows NOT in the last few weeks. A lot of folks want to know when they can get their hands on the official RC, when we're going to RTM, and what I had for breakfast.

That I'm pleased to share the RC is on track for April 30th for download by MSDN and TechNet subscribers. Broader, public availability Will begin on May 5th.

Like a Preview, there was little transparency about any of these differences: VXP (Virtual XP) Will become XPM (XP Mode). 

XP Mode consists of the Virtual PC-based virtual environment and a fully licensed copy of Windows XP with 3 Service Pack (SP3). It will be made available, for free, to users of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprize, and Ultimate editions via a download from the Microsoft web site.

Although it is based , XPM works completely different than this: after installing it (similar to installing VXP) you can use the applications installed on XP and installed applications on the same desktop 7 (VXP than that for using XP applications such as IE6, Opened a second desktop, Interactive). Moreover, the applications installed on XP will also appear in Windows 7 (With shortcuts in Start Menu).

In addition, there will be no problem compatibility between programs on different versions frunctioneaza of Windows (in this case between Windows 7 and Windows XP).

We can call it difference or we can call it evolution (: P), but it is clear that nostalgics (Which by the entered among the old operating systems Windows; meaning pension was removed) Will be encouraged in this way to give it a shot (possibly more) controversial 7. Because it's worth, I add. : P

Windows 7's XP Mode (RC secrets)

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