Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows Sight yes Windows 7

One of the Feature Sites new Windows 8 is Task Manager improved, which gives users access to more than one information si system settings. Users Windows Vista si Windows 7 unwilling to do upgrade to Windows 8But wish to use a Task Manager its like, can use a free tool, named Windows NEVER Metro Task Manager.


Windows NEVER Metro Task Manager does not require installationIt can be run with a simple click whenever you want to use. For a faster access thereof, it is recommended fixing (pin to) It in Taskbar, Start Menu or Quick Launch.

Great advantage of use Windows The 8 Metro Task Manager is the button Restart ExplorerThat allows users to reboot explorer.exe with a simple click, feature nonexistent in Task Manager default for Windows Vista or Windows 7. Also to restart explorer.exe you can also use the key combination Ctrl+P (application Windows 8 Metro Task Manager must be active for this hotkey work).


As in Task Manager from Windows 8, in the application Windows The 8 Metro Task Manager also has the link More Details, But unfortunately we do not have the same access and informative tabs that the actual Task Manager. I mean, when we click on the link that will open tab that was active the last time from Windows Vista or Windows NEVER Task Manager.

Note: To use this tool, you must have installed. NET Framework.

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STEALTH SETTINGS - Windows NEVER Task Manager for Windows Save and Windows 7

Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows Sight yes Windows 7

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