Windows 8 Upgrade Assisted helps you find out if your computer is compatible with Windows 8

Though it was launched only after three daysThe vast majority of users have become familiar with Windows 8 ever since it was under development when they had the opportunity to test preview versions made public Microsoft: Development Preview, Consumer Preview si Preview release. In addition, Microsoft has launched a trial version Windows 8 EnterRTM socketThat users can use Free daily 90them.

Pe 26 October was launched at last the final version of Windows 8, Which is now available for purchase in stores and online, and also it comes preinstalled on new computers or touch screen devices, Such as tablets or smartphones.


If you buy a computer Windows DO NOT preinstallIt is already (obviously) compatible with the new operating systemBut if you want to upgrade to Windows 8 on a computer already in your possession, you must first check that it meets the system requirements (if hardware existing supports Windows 8).

In order to come to help users Microsoft launched a Portable utility, Windows 8 Upgrade AssistantWith which they can Computer compatibility check supplied with the new Windows 8.

How to check if your personal computer is compatible with Windows 8 using Windows NEVER Upgrade Assistant?

When you run Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant for the first time, the utility scans are hardware components the computer and what software is installed it, then it will display a report which will contain compatibility information with the operating system Windows 8.


To find out details about applications and / or devices that are compatible or incompatible with Windows 8, Click on the link Compatibility See details.


Also, Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will help you choose and what the settings Windows, installed applications or personal files you want to keep after the upgrade to Windows 8.


Finally, through Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant can Download the installation image (If you already have a license for Windows 8) or order the DVD with online Windows 8.

Download in English Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Note: If you want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, system settings, installed applications and personal files can be transferred very easily, but if the upgrade is done from Windows Vista or Windows XP will have to reinstall the applications on the new system.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant helps you to find out if your computer is compatible with Windows 8

Windows 8 Upgrade Assisted helps you find out if your computer is compatible with Windows 8

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