Windows Libraries in Windows 7 (Music, Pictures, Documents, Video ...) - Disable, Hide, Restore & How To

Windows Libraries It is a welcome feature in . If this term is not familiar to you, we will give you a brief description of it Windows Libraries.

Libraries (such sounds in Romanian) on Windows 7 are kind virtual folders where you can view and access documents, images, audio and video files from multiple locations on the hard disk. Once installed Windows 7, on the right side of find links to access Document, Music, Pictures ...

Windows start menu libraries

Links (shortcuts) for access to these libraries can be found on the sidebar Windows 7 of .

side libraries

How to add and remove locations (folders) from Windows Libraries.

For this tutorial I took Righteous guinea pigs virtual folder (library) Music.
In the default configuration if this folder Aces Start Menu or link Music from the side Windows Explorer, we will see the files in "My Music"And"public Music"On the system partition. Most users at the operating system installation hard disk partitionsCPC so as to keep a ~ 20 GB partition for OS and taking the rest of GB partition data storage. (A tutorial that will help you .) In such cases virtual folder Music will not help us very much when we want to access from Start Menu folder where we keep our music. To add to our library Music folder, you will need to follow a few steps.

1. open the folder Music Library Start Menu and in the window that opens make click on the link that indicates how many locations are included.


2. In the panel that opens we are able to delete existing locations (Select with the mouse and click on location remove) And / or add new locations (Folders that contain audio files).


To add the Music Library folder, click "Add ..."> navigate to the folder you want to add to the Music library> select folder and we click on the button "include Folder". In this way you can add as many folders as you like, from different locations of the hard-disku community.


Click OK button in the window Music Library Locations to finish the added folder / folders that you want in Windows Music Library.

If I had the first screenshot of the tutorial folder Music Library empty, now I favorite music at your fingertips in Music Library:


In the same way you do for Pictures, Video, Documents ...

Total deactivation Windows 7 Libraries or only hiding "Library" folders in Windows Explorer and Start Menu.

If this feature of Windows 7 is not helpful and you consider the virtual folders in Start Menu and Windows Explorer It bothers you, you have three options to get rid of them from the Start Menu and two options for Windows Explorer. To delete folders "Music","Pictures","Video","Documents"Start Menu, you can use the tutorial: .

Disable Windows NOT Libraries – Windows Explorer & Start Menu.

Hide Windows Virtual Libraries Folders – Windows Explorer & Start Menu

Restore Windows Virtual Libraries Folders – Windows Explorer & Start Menu

For all three options download the archive below. It contains three Fiser reg (). One for each option.

"Disable Libraries in Windows 7.reg"- This" reg key "disables all the" Library "feature of Windows 7 and makes the folders disappear from Windows Explorer and Start Menu.

WARNING! - the complete deactivation of this feature can lead to errors of some programs and applications Windows 7.

Hide Libraries Icon from Windows 7 Explorer and Start Menu.reg - Don't turn it off Windows Libraries, but hides the folders in the Start Menu and Windows Explorer.

Restore Default Settings.Reg - return to the default settings if you used one of the .reg files above. The file can be used to correct errors that have occurred at Windows Libraries.

Changes to be visible or you will have to restart a "log off".

Windows Libraries in Windows 7 (Music, Pictures, Documents, Video ...) - Disable, Hide, Restore & How To

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