Windows Type: Modify Registered User and Organization Name with the help of registers

When you install a Windows OS on a system, among other things we are asked and introducing information on identity person and / or organization that owns the license to the OS: Registered User and Organization Name. This information will then be visible in System Properties or Windows versionAnd also will be used when installing some applications on a server.

If that information is entered wrong during installation or your computer has already installed OS by OEM or other individuals from which you have purchased (so do not coincide with the real information), they can be modified very simply using registry Editor, With no need to reinstall the system to correct them.

So if you want to edit contact information Registered Owner and Organization NameFollow the steps described in this tutorial:

  • open Run (Start Menu) And type regeditThen give Enter. After opening the Registry Editor (Registry Editor), follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \Windows NT \ CurrentVersion
  • in the right pane change the value (s) inputs RegisteredOwner si RegisteredOrganization in the desired by you, then close the Registry Editor


  • open System Properties to verify whether such information has been updated


This is the simplest method you can use to change information regarding the identity of the owner of the system (this information can also be modified using various software to tweak).

Note: we recommend making a backup of the registry before editing them.

Windows Type: Modify Registered User and Organization Name with the help of registers

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