Windows XP AERO - Context Menu, TaskBar & Start Menu

Not all users have sufficient system resources like to install operating systems and Windows Vista or Windows 7But that does not mean they can not modification somewhat OS interface Windows XPSo look similar systems AERO GUI.

wTrans is a small application which will not transform the operating system Windows XP in Vista or Vista Windows 7, but it will make some elements of the graphical interface transparent.

Transparent Context Menu - the menu that appears when you right-click on Desktop.

transparent conmenu

Transparent Start Menu & Task Bar in Windows XP.

transparent taskbar & start menu

wTrans allows you to set the transparency intensity for each item. TaskBar, Start Menu & Context Menu.

Windows Transparent

The application is more useful on operating systems Windows XP, but if you want more transparency in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 (AERO), this application can help you.

Here's how transparency looks on Windows In 7:

7 transparent windows aero

Download wTrans

Unzip and run wTrans.exe.

Application developed solo

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows View & Windows 7.

LE. A set of applications that do the same thing with wTrans, find the ". "By .


Windows XP AERO - Context Menu, TaskBar & Start Menu

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