Why we are in danger if we use Windows XP yes Windows Vista

To our great surprise we have noticed that there are still individuals (home user) as well as institutions that still have computers with operating systems Windows XP or with Windows Vista.
Daca Windows XP was a successful operating system for Microsoft, being considered very "futuristic" in the years 2001 - 2010, the same cannot be said about Windows Vista. Launched by Microsoft in 2006, this was a total failure, being replaced in 2009 by Windows 7.

After 12 years Microsoft products has maintained with support and updates Windows XP, 8 April 2014 technical assistance for this operating system has ceased. Both system development itself and automatic updates coming through Windows Update Center.
In terms of everyone's understanding, this means that there is no longer any protection before vulnerabilities and in front computer attacks cu various types of viruses, spyware and applications malware.
Your computer will still work, but it will no longer deal with security issues or compatibility with various external devices or web pages you access. Internet Explorer 8 is not a browser that provides online security, and the manufacturers of websites and web applications that can be accessed through this browser, offer support only for new versions. Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11 si Microsoft products Edge are recommended for today.
Starting this year, neither Firefox si Chrome they will no longer be installed on Windows XP yes Windows Vista. The changes made by Mozilla and Google to the two browsers will make them incompatible with the old Microsoft operating systems.

Another security issue you encounter if you still use it Windows XP or Windows Vista, it's missing antivirus software.
producers antivirus software no longer updates updates for these two operating systems, and starting with 14 July 2015 neither Microsoft Security Essentials it is no longer compatible. In conclusion, from the point of view of security Windows XP yes Windows Vista can no longer be secure systems and can become a danger to other computers, too, if they are in a common local network with them. LAN.

Neither do we look better at the applications when it comes to Microsoft's old operating systems. Software developers (including Microsoft), focusing on development and innovation, design applications and programs for the latest versions of operating systems.
You can use the old software versions compatible for Windows XP, but you can not enjoy the experience and productivity of the new ones.
An example is AppleThat announced recently as starting with 25 May 2018 will turn off support on Windows XP yes Windows Vista for iTunes Store. Users will be able to use older versions of the iTunes application but will no longer be able to make new purchases and will no longer be able to download music, movies and other products purchased through iTunes.

What to do if you have a computer with Windows Vista or Windows XP

The easiest thing is to check your computer's hardware resources, including CPU, RAM, HDD here and see if your configuration overcomes the installation of Windows 10 or versions Windows 7, Windows 8.1. Any of these versions of Windows it still has Microsoft support and receives constant updates.
If the hardware resources do not help you upgrade your operating system, you can use it Windows XP disconnected from the Internet and consider purchasing a new computer or laptop.
In conclusion, your old PC has reached the age of "retirement" and a new one is needed.

  1. "In conclusion, your old PC has reached retirement age and a new one is needed."
    WRONG, you need a little ambition to switch to linux. But for that you have to have some ambition because linux is not like that windowsalthough both are operating systems.

    1. Unfortunately, for many users, most Linux distributions are unknown and not as intuitive as a system. Windows si macOS.
      If the PC is not only used for "home user", Linux (either it and Ubuntu) does not have many options. For a person working in a company it will be very difficult to use Linux if those he interacts with use it Windows PC or Mac.

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