Wininit.exe vs Winnit.exe (Windows Start-Up Application vs Worm)

Wininit.exe it is an essential system process for operation Windowsacquis. Its role is to perform in the background some of the most important services / programs, Such as Central Service Manager (SCM), Local Security Authority Subsystem (LSASS) or Local Session Manager (LSM), without which the system is not operable. Therefore termination or disabling this process is not recommended.

Winnit.exe is a illegitimate process, malware, Spread with virus of type worm W32 / Rbot-AOM. This, once it has infected a system, connected to a IRC server where is waiting to receive commands. In addition, it creates registry entries (Run, RunOnce, RunServices, RunServicesOnce) To assure automatically run each time the infected system is running.

If you found winnit.exe running in your system, Emergency make a scan of registry to remove entries illegitimate and thorough scan of the system using a antivirus reliable (our first recommendation is ) To clean all malware files.

Wininit.exe vs Winnit.exe (Windows Start-Up Application vs Worm)

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