WizMouse or how to make friends with scroll wheel

Are scroll-addict. Scroll-up, scroll down. Up, down. If tomorrow I would not be able to use scrollSite would be equivalent to using two hands left. And I'd be so hard to get used to the idea on how hard it is to quit smoking. Well, I think I do understand.

Yet, even if My relationship with scrolling is special, does not mean you do not see defects. Such that it is not available for a number of applications / programs. Or is that to be "activated" in a window any, must first you click with the mouse on that window. Stuff that in a hurry (or suprapreciere Our friendship) watch them occasionally (quite often). And here comes WizMouseTo defuse tensions between me and scroll.


WizMouse is a small application (648 kb) But with power Magic for those who have a special relationship with scroll wheel mouse. This application "convince" scrolling work in the window that visit cursor (pointer) Mouseu's (ie the window that is under the cursor), it normally functioning only active window. In addition, it is available for programs by default not understand the point.

So if you recognize yourself in the above description, now's your chance to convince the scroll wheel to become your friend.

Download WizMouse and enjoy scrolling! :)

WizMouse or how to make friends with scroll wheel

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