Write DVD / CD Error - Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error

"Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error"It is an error that occurs in versions BLACK (DVD / CD Burning Software) When we want to Cope data on a DVD / CD.

If I return BLACK on all parts and to test more versions, you will notice that the error persists, and if you finally choose to use it Windows DVD / CD Burner (default tool al si (Write these files to CD)), There is little chance that the operation of writing data on DVD to be completed successfully. Tested by me.

For those using Windows 7, screiere error to DVDfixes may in some cases may occur:

1. First physical problems of the optical drive. DVD / CD RW defect. (The problem can be used regardless of the operating system and solving sit in optical drive change. In laptopURLs Toshiba change very simple. Loosen a screw, then pull optical drive outside.)

2. DMA (Direct Memory Access) mode is Off. Disabling DMA greatly increases during read / write optical drive, and very often it is the main cause of "Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error".

ENABLE DMA (Direct Memory Access) in Windows 7.

a. Right-click on Compuer > Manage


b. Device Manager > IDE ATA / ATAPI Controllers > Identify Canan ATA (ATA Channel) al optical drive DVD / CD RW and right-click it> Properties.

ATA Channel

Channel ATA 5 in my case.

c. ATA Channel Properties > Advanced Settings tick the "Device Properties"> Enable DMA & OK.

Enable DMA

After DMA enabled's Resume writing process of the DVD.

3. Firmware Update DVDR.

It is very possible if you have an old optical drive (2-3 years) firmware(the command and control software of the drive) has undergone updates with the launch of the new operating systems.
It is recommended to identify the exact model of optical drive and search the manufacturer's website if there are firmware updates for that model.

How can we find DVDR's model.

Either "Cumputer Management">"Device Manager">"DVD / CD ROM driver"...


Or right-clicking ... DVD Drive in "Computer"> Properties.


HL-DT-ST GSA-T50N DVDR ATA - Model optical drive from the screenshots above.

On most models laptopfixes may Toshiba Series Satellite A200 si A300 are like DVDRAM optical drives.

Download Firmware Update DVDR HL-DT-ST GSA-T50N (RP07).

Download in English > Extract > Run GSA-T50N_RR07.exe (Double-click)> click on the "UPDATE".


Wait until it completes the firmware update, then click "Reboot" to restart the computer.


Above it are the main causes of errors reading and writing data on DVD / CDCEs (Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error), But there are situations where bad or physical deterioration disc (ScratchSpots of marker or other substances on the surface of the disk writing) to prevent the read / write disk.

Write DVD / CD Error - Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error

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