wtf?! dilate?

Silence! I have a serious problem at this time. Increase my blog. Expands! Stretches! Increases! hhrrr! Until I saw this in my blog are archives July 2006 . In a post I wrote in September 2006 " , Is an area bought / rented a night of august ( 1.08.2006) ... ". I remember the same thing now. I bought the domain August 1 2006 and the first post was here. I have not moved any database, I changed a field, I did nothing before taking the field. I thought as being due to time difference. No way! July 2006 had 31 days and my first post occurs on July 29 2006. Pretty big difference this time zone. uhmmm? Ok ... says the same thing:

Creation date: August 01 2006 06: 26: 55
Expiration date: August 01 2008 06: 26: 55

I do not understand anything. 04: 59. light sleep.

wtf?! dilate?

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