Yahoo! GeoCities is closing… Yahoo! Meme is Now Open to Public

Yahoo! is incredible. After dark some important services in recent years (Yahoo! Mash - closed since beta, Yahoo! Photos - closed service, and users were invited to migrate to Flickr, Yahoo! 360 - Closed, etc.…), now they have turned their "attention" to Geocities.

final notice: GeoCities is closing.
Dear Yahoo! GeoCities customer,
We're writing to remind you that Yahoo! GeoCities, our free web site building service and community, Is closing on October 26, 2009.
On October 26, 2009, your GeoCities Will no Longer Appear site on the Web, And you Will no longer be able to access your GeoCities account and files.

Yahoo! Geocities is It was a service free hostingWhich offered a couple tools to create fast web pages. There are few people who have chosen this service to create basic web pages, and not a few are those who have used the Yahoo! Geocities disk space to store personal data.

YAHOO decision! to close GeoCities, in my opinion, is a bit "out of place". There are people who have Web pages for several years on GeoCitiesAnd a move hosting / URL change I don't think is welcome. In addition, Yahoo! does not offer users any free hosting solution as an alternative, but the Yahoo! Hosting "for only $ 4.99 the month".
As crap as it should be done all the way under the header of the page They are displayed banners services paid hosting of Yahoo !.

Yahoo! Geocities

What confidence can we have in Yahoo !, as we see from year to close their services? we want longevity, stability si innovation. Although they are free services, Yahoo! is a company that it should have to inspire confidence. As easy as making decisions to shut down Yahoo! 360, Yahoo! Photos if Yahoo! GeoCities can just as easily shut down others. Yahoo! MessengerThat knows it is not a profitable business for Yahoo !, as a potential target service (well that I do not use). Even if Yahoo! Messenger has several million users, after closing, Google will ease about 32 million pages. As many as are presently indexed by Google.

Yahoo Geocities Close

Finally, Yahoo! have shown stability and longevity, so it's time to prove and little innovation. Launched a new service for the general public (has only been available to testers a while). Yahoo! Meme.

Yahoo! Meme


Yahoo! Meme is outstanding service and all new. If you have an account Twitter, You are very careful not to confuse it with the Yahoo! Meme.

yahoo meme

The show looks good and is easy to use. I see many who have activated accounts Yahoo! Meme post images to hard. I'm curious how long this service. One year? Two?

Yahoo! Meme - Yahoo! GeoCities

Yahoo! GeoCities is closing… Yahoo! Meme is Now Open to Public

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