Yahoo also put a plug. Lyrics Mash

By 2005, Yahoo! Inc.. left their own website social networking. Yahoo! 360 ° Is a project failed to Yahoo! since beta. Their project failed to attract many users, and in time died. You users have nowhere to sell your advertising. Probably Yahoo! 360 ° will have the same fate with Yahoo! Photos 2-3 in future years, especially if their new social networking idea will be good through the fair.

Lyrics Mash Is the name of the new project initiated by Yahoo! Inc.. and is currently in beta, available to users by invitation only. I do not know what criteria are offered invitations, but the project lies heavily guarded for now. You can not see outside as structured or can not make anybody an idea of ​​functionality. We found, however, on the net a screenshot within an account Lyrics Mash some pages that offer information about this new service / project of Yahoo!.

- Mash is currently invitation-only beta service year.

That the odds are good one of your friends is in here already. Hit them up for year invite!

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"You have signed out of the Yahoo! network. "

Yahoo also put a plug. Lyrics Mash

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