Yahoo! Mail - Unlimited Storage

After 10 years Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Inc.. said "bye-bye" last limits set out in 1 GB space for the mailbox. Service e-mail of Yahoo! Inc.. now offers unlimited storage space (Free) for both new users and for existing ones. Wow! ;)

I think that this step is not felt at all of their systems but the movement was very good. Probably achieved a "wow" from many :). How hard it was for someone to come to 1GB even create a new email account for further store some photos, archives, video, documents, etc.? 3-4 minutes maximum would have taken registration procedure. What percentage of the number of active users of Yahoo! Mail, go to 1GB ...? A small percentage.

Is not the purpose of unlimited storage online storage warehouse to Provide year. That usage suggests this approach gets flagged by anti-abuse controls.

Unlimited email storage account normal Gives users like yourself year opportunity to not have to worry about hitting a storage limit. Basically, the idea is that now you CAN save your correspondence and memories and never worry about deleting older messages to make room for more.


Yahoo! Mail - Unlimited Storage

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