Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Tools

Pack de Y! I which provides several options in addition to those who have remained faithful version 8.0.

Contents of the archive:

1. Yahoo Messenger 8.0install8.0 version therethrough.

2. Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Multiple ID's - It contains two .reg files Y! M 8.0 Many Users (Connecting two or more IDs simultaneously from the same PC). Double click on ym8multi.reg To enable Y! M MU or double click on ym8multi_unist.reg deactivation optinuii many users.

3. Yahoo! Messenger Ads Remover - What is this? It's software that runs only version Y! M 8.0 (tested io) and blocks a series of banners and other advertisements / alerts coming through Y! M.

- Remove Y! Chat Add

- Remove Add Room Change
- Remove Upload WebCam Ad
- Remove Upload WebCam Big Ad
- Remove Upload WebCam medium Ad
- Remove Auction Alert Ad URL
- Remove Calendar Alert Ad URL
- Remove News Alert Ad URL
- Remove Personals Ad URL Alert
- Remove Stock Alert Ad URL
- Remove N2Phone Ad
- Remove Messenger Ad
- Remove Conf Ad
- Remove Address Book Ad
- Remove Chat Transition Ad
- Remove Mail Alert Ad URL
- Remon Web Cam Ad

Uhh ... that's all containing pack. Nice, huh?

Download: Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Tools - 9.89 MB size ~

Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Tools

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