Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 - Security Update

After announcing yesterday solving problems Chat Rooms (), Aunt Sarah Bacon (Product Manager / Yahoo Messenger), Came with a version of windows a Y! I 8.1 .

new version, is recommended for users who have installed Yahoo! Messenger before August 21 2007 . The update targets a problem security (Blocking attacked by DoS by webcam) Came with accepting invitations webcam . If the user does not accept webcam invitations coming from an attacker, the danger is inexsistent.

How you can see which version of Yahoo! Messenger use?

- from Yahoo! Messenger, in the options bar: Help -> About Yahoo! Messenger . If version MyYahoo! Module is equal to or greater than , Update not necessary .
To update to the new version of Y! M: Help -> Check for Updates . This will open a Web page that you are informed on the version of Y! M, which runs on PC. If the update is not required, the following message appears:


You are currently running the latest Yahoo! Messenger version 8.1

For updates, follow the steps listed on the website, open. Basically, it is a installation a Yahoo! Messenger.


Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 - Security Update

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