Yahoo! Messenger Mobile in Desktop Browser

This morning I was doing "research" on the phone and looking wap address of Yahoo!.

Yahoo! on your phone for essential services, there they can be accessed by wapApplications, like Messenger, Mail, News, Weather, address Book, GAMES, etc. I noticed that I accessed the wap address from a browser desktop, runs all applications perfectly. Including Yahoo! Messenger. So, an alternative for those who do not want to install their client desktop of Yahoo! Messenger, is the wap page: can be used instead of hacks Yahoo! Multi Messenger Users. Login wap page, use another protocol than the client connection Y! Messenger and so can be run simultaneously two applications Y! I cu IDDifferent sites.


Of course, orthodox variant as Yahoo! Webmessenger ( But for those that connect with laptop/desktop by phone ... transfer (MB) is quite expensive and wap version would be the best. In addition, allows you to set status "I `m moving"That will remain after the closing session without using your mobile phone.

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Yahoo! Messenger Mobile in Desktop Browser

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