Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

Some rumors circulating that Yahoo would marry Microsoft. I do not know how much is true, but one thing is certain. Since January 8 2007, Yahoo! announced the new version of Y! Messenger dedicated Windows Vista. For Yahoo! Messenger Vista Microsoft puts shoulder to work and utizatorii who have already struggled computers with Windows Vista, you are invited to stay close to the new version of Yahoo! Messenger Windows Vista is coming. When? I do not know. + 6's been months since the announcement and peaceful. The idea is that Windows Vista currently runs without problems Yahoo! Messenger v. 8.1 and no one complains.

The new version of Y! M dedicated Vista is substantially modified. At least that is seen in the presentation of the . A new setting, a new look, a new sound. Mmmm ... sounds bini. In the new version of YIM! Vista changes smilies / emoticons , Avatars, icons and software alerts (yahoo alert sounds ). Get rid bored interface users default searches, download & install skins. Creating a button select / change the color of skin, finut problem solving "style interface" on YM. Enable open conversation windows with tabs in a single window through drag and drop without the need for plugins or registry changes. Course, is kept friendship with the Yahoo! Messenger users of Windows Live Messenger (LM). : D

Better. Follow a screenshot and a question:

Question : Advertising space which will appear? I see no room for any banner. ;-)

For more details about the future of Yahoo! Messenger / Vista visit:

Video presentation YM! Windows Vista -

Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

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