Yahoo! Online Search sold on 20 billion $ $

We are on the eve Winter Holidaysand Microsoft returns to . After rejecting offer 44.6 billion came from Microsoft earlier this year, Yahoo! is on the verge of giving up Online Yahoo! Search for 20 billion, with a large part of the company's board.

It seems that Microsoft still makes desperate efforts to catch up giant Google, Which currently holds the supremacy internet. Moving from Microsoft was very predictable, given that few days ago, the expert failed partnerships, Jerry Yang and resigned as chief executive officer (CEO) of Yahoo! Inc..

Majestic Yahoo! projects have failed pe . I do not think it would last very long before all Yahoo! crash one into the arms of the first print that will give pennies shareholders. True, much less than earlier this year. Yahoo! existing activities dropped dramatically this year and I do not think Microsoft would give even 44.6 billion.

No problem. Even if MS would totally buy Yahoo, it would be many years before they reach the Google. Never.

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Yahoo! Online Search sold on 20 billion $ $

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