Yahoo, servers excited

Just last night I was listening to "In the mouth of the press" as Mircea Badea said the bitter contest between the board from the silly and at the . Today I found on board from the biggest stupidity that lies there quietly asleep since 2005 eyes of an administrator / moderator of the forum. under the title "Hack yahoo 100%" , category IT teaches a child how to make ourselves an honorary member of yahoo and how to bedazzle server to find out someone's password from yahoo.

Here you can find out the password friends / your friend to see if you're cheating or simply want to read the emails.
This is the best way to hack Yahoo accounts! .pot Use your e-mail.Ce to do:
At first, compose a new message. Write the heading "To:" This e-mail address [Email protected] On topic, type "User + password". To content, type in the first line in your e-mail (ex: [Email protected]). In the 3rd line, enter your password (ex: 12345678). Attention the password must be real. In the 5th line, write the address of the person from whom you want to get the password (ex: [Email protected] ).
Here is an example about how it should look like e-mail:
TO: [Email protected]
SUBJECT: User + Password
[Email protected]


[Email protected]

This method works by zapacii server,its creating great confusion. He thinks you're an honorary member or a Yahoo! and sends you a message after a few seconds containing user: victim and his password is ex: 43210 mail password:[Email protected], right? It's harder until you get used to this method. . This is the best method of confusing the server. There are other possibilities, but they do not work.

A post stupid to steal a password from yahoo sucker. The problem is that the forum ala are enough people from using ingenious pling methods now after passwords.

As my p *** others you break passwords without any stress although you your password there "in the bowels of neurons" and that forumu not find nik.
found a dobitok to change my password to me, NUJ some reason and I lost not only 180 IDs but a f Ares mail with important data. api how draq do not nervous breakdown ??
and how you can recover your password draq ??? well nobody knows yet can
dak find a solution tell me some. You can find me on the new id: death_coming_666 dedicated Suissa bastard who changed my password
ms and luck

About that .... "Great is the Lord thy garden and many Fools ii jumping fence".... especially Where I think the fence and broke under their weight.

"The server poop on it with emotion when he entered an honorary member and gives paolele NASA and if you ask them"

Yahoo, servers excited

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