Yahoo! wants me to corrupt

Yahoo! couple of days, everything you let me know that would be the time to do my upgrade to the browser. CicaNetscape 4.0 . :) WTF? I have not ever used Netscape and no I'm not going. A few weeks seems to identify as Netscape 4.0. How sweet ... Is it wrong? A masked as advertising? ;)

You are currently using Netscape 4.0. For the best experience using Yahoo!, we recommend you upgrade to the latest That version of Netscape.  Get the latest version now.

It is true that 4.0 version. 's pretty old. Browser reached 8.1.3 version which includes installation kit and a few add-ons. Netscape ISP, McAfee, Rhapsody, Real Arcade and WeatherBug.

Yahoo! wants me to corrupt

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