Yahoo! Web Messenger

In 2-3 days ago Yahoo! launched a beta version YM! ( ) web. . The idea is super good and is made like despite bosses who do not leave the office's employees to install YM!. :-) web Messenger requires no installation and uses the same authentication data (ym id, password) from Yahoo! Account. Has a limited number of options when compared with YM! and so far I have not found "Stealth Settings";-)! yeah!

On the web version, emoticon (Emoticons) are more animated and more fun. Opening windows conversation tabs makes it very easy to handle. Allows addition / deletion of a litsa IDs, group renaming, moving an id of a group, etc.. Keeping servers archive conversations in Yahoo makes it possible to view them anytime, anywhere (after login ... normal). It is known that, YM! archives kept in a folder on the computer, making it impossible to access them on another PC.

Address that can be accessed web Messenger is: but to be easy to remember, Yahoo! made a super cute redirect a domain TLD as: .

More details about the new product , Find the .

PS. , I think it was made especially for you :-)

Yahoo! Web Messenger

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