Your Yahoo! password reset Can not Be online.

Message "Your password can not be reset online"Can occur when you want to reclaim your Yahoo! account password and you have set an alternate email address. It seems a little odd, but in many cases when you want to reset your password, system Recover password Yahoo! will have to send new password or reset the link on alternate email address.

During recording, a new Yahoo! account, besides personal data must be completed correctly (To help recover your password), we also have a complete field safety for Recovery ID and / or password. (Larger image below.)

Forget your ID or Password

This is required alternate email address (the address which mentioned above) and an answer to a security question. Both elements are important for recovery ID or password. If you have e-mail now created 2, 3 years, when this option was not mandatory, you must provide personal details used to register your account (name, postcode si birth year). Besides these various password recovery, there is one. Although it is less used in Romania, the method you bank card authentication in Yahoo! system. If you had logged into Yahoo! cards to buy various services you use password recovery card details. It is the safest and secure method of checking / recovery. In case you have not set an alternate email address, you will not know the data used for registration, and can not provide clear information to prove your identification with yahoo! account, the chances to recover your password is almost zero.

The solution to this problem lies in your completed form to the accounts and understand how to protect the confidentiality of correspondence. On and here I saw many comments users seeking programs to crack passwords messenger. These programs "exist". There are programs which require their data (id + password) in pretexul that this way will find the password of another user. FALSE. Those "programs yahoo passwords hacked" do nothing but rob them of contuluide Yahoo login credentials. Naive ... and in fact ... they looked, that they found. Ok ... back to the subject position.

How can you configure alternate email address? In case you have not set an alternate email address in Yahoo account or the address is no longer valid, you can set a new alternative email address. From Yahoo! Mail, click on name ID (upper right corner. "Welcome, nume_id") And will open a page asking you to re-enter the password for your ID After entering the correct password and press EnterYou will reach your account edit page. 'Review My Account Information". In the field "Email Information'Ve you can edit and add alternate email addresses. With alternative address you can recover passwords Yahoo! account in case of loss or theft.

More tutorials on Yahoo! Messenger / Yahoo, found on . Have fun :)

Your Yahoo! password reset Can not Be online.

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