Mass YIM :)

1.Daca make decisions without having to consult with you misogynist.
If you make decisions without consulting you, it's a liberated woman.

2.Daca work too hard, a neglect.
If you do not work, you're good.

3.Daca she has a boring and poorly paid work is exploited.
If you have a boring and poorly paid service, you should do your best to find something better.

4.Daca you are advanced before them, women are marginalized.
If it is advanced ahead of you, women have equal rights with men.

5.Daca tell him that looks good, is sexual harassment. If you say it is reckless indifference.

6.Daca you ask to do something you do not like, tried to dominate.
If you do not ask you to do something you love is a favor that is not nice to refuse. etc, happy holidays

! Kent8 (Gigi) LIVE! : D

Mass YIM :)

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