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... or The mass It is a function of Yahoo! Messenger , Used in most cases abused by "friends". I rarely receive a message mass with interesting / funny or a good web address to see. I seem super stupid messages like:

a girl (3 / 18 / 2007 1: 46: 50 PM): I plekt loomeee hour ... boring ... I hope I get rid repede..dak is ceva..am tel mine..bye bye to all ..

I understand the idea of ​​this message. "If I get bored I sit carelessly put a phone on vibration. A few beeps from you would be orgasmic. ".

a girl (3 / 17 / 2007 9: 54: 54 PM): kre has Him in death -Join me ?? buzz me ...

one (2 / 28 / 2007 4: 19: 38 PM): Can I have the Nero Burning ROM, pls ?! so rpd

This type of message I'm somewhat ok. Supports up to a point. If you can not swim on sites mp3, downloads or DC ++ hubs / ODC better ask the messenger friends. I do not know if I would say the same thing after I would ask 160 ids someday: "C4r3 4r3 n1c0143 6 | _ | 74 ?? b | _ | zz m3 ... " .

A "friend"I swore to guard the sanctity ignore list ...

Sp ... (2/27/2007 3: 07: 33 PM): Thanks to all who have sent me media sites over the past years. Thanks to you I have been through many wonderful moments, such as: 1. I read 170 times that my account will be deleted on yahoo. 2. I kind 30.000 full years of bad luck in front of me and I 671 times already died for that I gave away all media sites. 3. I sacrificed a lot of savings for the poor little Ionut it all infant is still in the hospital and remained in critical condition and the list goes on .. Eshti give you overcome if anti-media sites stupid.... with esteem and respect mijcare anti-mass (kre obsedatzii silly to send massuri

Sp ... (2/27/2007 4: 29: 03 PM): I must see http: // ....

Sp ... (2/23/2007 1: 43: 30 PM): that get high with me tonight? luavar draq! ;;)

Sp ... (2/26/2007 1: 06: 51 AM): >>> staples day Yahho closes on February 28 2007! They want to get rid of the free Messengeru. A lot of people have already been deleted. Right click on your friends group of buddies (where it says Friends 0 / 23) and click Send Instant Message to all group and send this message to all. Each person will receive the message, and a signature will not be deleted! Nelsondj 26: Yahoo President Jay Russell of ... Here is President Jay Russell: I'm sorry to anuntz that Yahoo has reached the maximum number of persons. Dak want to keep your account for free send message acestla totzi from your list. In this way we are used Shti not, we will delete scz mass ....... so I do not want

Sp ... (4/7/2007 9: 05: 57 PM): mass: look fucks like tail wag joy ba bravo! m (gg) is the star!

List of aberrations would continue. Finally ... Mass sites above are given by some people with vast experience in messaging stressful.

For someone in the area , Mass site on Facebook! It is quite complicated and begins to grin (D) emotion. That's the first time ...;)

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Three messages received within one minute. Momentary 10sms.ro It is not just a website to collect email addresses for a new .

YM! Send Message to Group ...

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