Find out the causes of errors and system events, hardware, software, setup ... Event Viewer [Windows 7 & XP]

Event Viewer is a tool operating systems Windows, Little known to most users. Event Viewer is to log the events from the operating system. Register and keep complete reports about changes si errors occurred at hardware, software, setup, system si security.

With the launch of operating system , Event Viewer has seen significant changes compared to the currently . Changes both at IU and at management level.

Event Viewer in Windows XP.

Event viewer system-xp

Event Viewer (Similar to Windows Vista)

Event viewer system-windows-7

Even if Windows 7, Event Viewer is more complex, users Windows XP can confidently use this tool if you want to know the causes of which some application gave error during installation or During operation, the causes of which have appeared attaching a device errors or a hardware component (Web cam, microphone, audio, card reader, cell phone ... etc), causes system errors and log sites security.

How open System Event Viewer on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

For all Microsoft operating systems is the same process. Open run box (Win + R) And type "eventvwr.msc"Then press Enter.


For Windows XP, you three logs Event Viewer:

Application Events- Journal in which events are recorded programs installed on your computer. If the program crash, it will be passed in this journal and the user can find useful information to correct them.

log apps

Security Events - In this journal logs are kept security. The screenshot below is made 7 Windows Event Viewer.

security log

In this report and included session Log On (Successful and / or unsuccessful) and connections made to your computer from another computer or .

System Events - Usually it is most dense log of Event Viewer. Here are stored for each event and modify reports produced by compunenta operating system. From UpdateCEs to installation errors and Release driversAll events can be found in this journal. If a driver installation error or will not compatible with your device which installed in Event Viewer to "System" you will find detailed information to solve the problem.

system events

7 On Windows systems, log updates was moved under Windows Logs > "Setup".


Internet Explorer - Log important events in Internet Explorer. Errors caused by scripts (AJAX, Java, Flash ..), errors toolbars or add-ons and plug-ins.

In addition to the Event Viewer on Windows XP, Windows 7 keep separate diaries for "Applications and Services Logs"Where we find reports of events hardware, media Center, Windows PowerShell si .

There are few computer service workshops where technicians check first System Event Viewer to learn the history of the system. You can learn if incompatibilities between RAM memories, if your hard disk has errors or if problems controllers.

System Event Viewer in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Find out the causes of errors and system events, hardware, software, setup ... Event Viewer [Windows 7 & XP]

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