Google Chrome won't open on Windows 11? How to fix [2023]

It is certainly the most used Internet browser in the whole world, and when Google Chrome does not open on Windows 11, it really is a problem for any user.

It wouldn't be a problem if Google Chrome stopped working. There are alternatives, but many of us have saved bookmarks, autocomplete data, usernames and passwords in Google Chrome. Plus, synchronization with Android smartphones is widely used, which in many countries of the world have the largest share.

What to do if Google Chrome does not open on Windows 11

First of all, it would be preferable to discover the cause Chrome it does not work anymore. It can be an extension, a bug created by a recently accessed web page or a malware application (virus). We also have to take into account that Windows 11 it is still a relatively new operating system, to which Microsoft makes significant improvements almost every time update. For this reason, it is possible that sometimes there may be problems with the operation of installed third-party applications.

When Google Chrome does not open on Windows 11, follow the steps below:

Restart computer.

It seems a rudimentary method, but often simple restarthas a computer can solve many problems.

Temporarily disable antivirus software – Windows Security

In some scenarios, antivirus or firewall software can prevent some applications from opening. Disable antivirus and firewall for a short period of time and try to open Google Chrome. If this method does not work, immediately restart the antivirus. It is quite risky to leave your computer vulnerable for a longer period.

Find here a complete tutorial on how to disable antivirus on Windows 11. It is enough to temporarily stop Real-time Protection from Windows Security.

Restart the protection if Chrome still does not open.

Stop the Google Chrome process from Task Manager.

Even if Chrome does not open and cannot be operated, it is very possible that the process is running on Windows. Close the Google Chrome process from Task Manager.

Right-click on the Google Chrome process → End task.

Chrome won't open on Windows 11
Google Chrome in Task Manager

After this step, try to reopen Google Chrome.

Delete the user profile from Google Chrome

If the above methods did not work and Chrome does not open on Windows 11, you can delete the profile user of Google Chrome. It is recommended to make a backup first. This folder contains all your information from Google Chrome, if it is not synchronized with your Google account. Bookmarks, extensions, history and many other data.

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Uninstall Google Chrome

As a last resort, if you still cannot open Google Chrome on Windows 11, is to uninstall the browser and install it again on the system.

After uninstalling, go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\ and delete the "Chrome" folder.

In 99% of cases, one of the solutions above will solve the problem of running Google Chrome on Windows 11.

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