Create Backups and Restores Windows Registry Backup selective SMARegisTry

One of the most important Database from Windows are Registry SystemBecause they store all configurations that relate to the operation of it. For this reason it is recommended to make periodic backups of the registryEspecially before making system changes or before install certain applications.

Although the registry backups can be very simple registry EditorSometimes it is better to use third-party applications to avoid various complications, especially in cases where we have experience working with regedit.

Backup SMARegisTry is a free application with which Windows users can do selective backups registry system that also can restore them all selective.

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How does SMARegisTry Backup?

SMARegisTry Backup can create, load and save list the Registry users who want to do backup. When you want to make backup a particular key or key select that site and add it to the list in the right application, or manually add it to the list. Also, the application can Registry restore individual (One at a time) or scan a specific folder to identify all reg files of it, and then import them all at the same time, Windows Registry. When you wish Individual restoring a register, Select the file then key that we want to restore. Then make connection SMARegisTry Backup regedit.exe API and will export that key in the selected folder.

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Back-up SMARegisTry application is suitable for those who are to format and reinstall, hide the Windows regularlyBut want to keep personal settings. Registry containing these settings can be exported and then imported into the registry system after reinstallation.

Note: SMARegisTry Backup is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server Windows 7 2008 on 32 and 64 bit. For operation requires at least. 2.0 NET Framework.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Selectively Backup and Restore Backup Windows Registry with SMARegisTry

Create Backups and Restores Windows Registry Backup selective SMARegisTry

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