How can you use your computer mouse or keyboard if you have flaws.

Use the Computer Without a Mouse or Keyboard in Windows Vista.

Often happens to have a keyboard error from PC or laptop. Most prone to "crashed" keyboard laptops. The most expensive to service. If the PC can change keyboard with a new one in a few seconds, the laptop problem is complicated. Assume higher costs and "admission" in a specialized service.
However, if no time or money available to repair / change a keyboard, we turn to virtual keyboard (Viru keyboard) to Windows Vista. Condition is to have mouseCPC or touch padFunctional site :)

How to access the virtual keyboard in Windows Vista - I think it's valid on Windows 7 / Windows XP.

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1. Click on "biluta" with the sign from Windows in the lower left corner (Start Menu).

Start Menu

2. Click on "control Panel".

control Panel

3. In Control Panel look and make click on Ease of Access.

ease of access

4. click on Ease of Access Center - In the next panel.

ease of access center

Here do not be afraid ... Your PC will start talking with you. Double-click on Start On-Screen Keyboard to open the virtual keyboard.

start on screen keyboard

The virtual keyboard can be aproace any make normal keyboard.

virtual keyboard

It's uncomfortable for her type with mouseSite, but in case you are published a document important or you want to "talk" with someone on IM, this virtual keyboard can help.

In Ease of Access Center you have the option to use virtual mouse. This mouse - cursor - Will be controlled by your keyboard numeric keys on the right will cause the cursor where you want. For the mouse, in Ease of Access Center click "Make the mouse easier to use"-

mouse access

To discover how you can exploit this feature, go to the link .

Virtual Keyboard & Mouse - Windows Vista - Ease of Access

How can you use your computer mouse or keyboard if you have flaws.

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