How Windows Defender to perform automatic scans Windows system 8.1

One of OS updates Windows 8 was the inclusion of utilities antivirus the system, namely Windows Defender. For previous systems Windows, The virus is available separately and is known under the name of Microsoft Essentials.

users Windows 8 si Windows 8.1 using Windows Defender to protect the operating system most likely want to be able to schedule automatic scans si periodic system. In contrast to Microsoft Essentials However, in Windows Defender option Schedule scan is no longer available.


So how to schedule system scans anutomate with Windows Defender in Windows 8 / 8.1? The solution is to use system utility Task Scheduler.

  • open Task Scheduler (type: schedule in Start Screen and click on the result Schedule tasks)

open task svheduler-windows8

  • then navigate (on the left of the window) to Microsoft> Windows> Windows Defender
  • on the right, double-click the entry Windows Defendes Scheduled Scan


  • in tab Triggers, Click on NewThen select On the schedule From the drop-down next to Begin the task, select period you wish to repeat scanning (once, daily, weekly or monthly) and set the time which would take place scan



STEALTH SETTINGS - How to schedule Windows Defender to automatically scan Windows 8.1

How Windows Defender to perform automatic scans Windows system 8.1

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