How can we install it? Windows 7 on an External Hard Disk [Windows OS Tweak]

If you ever tried to install a operating system Windows on a external hddSurely you were greeted by a error message saying that "Setup does not support configuration of or installation to disks connected through a USB port or IEEE 1394"(At least when Windows 7 this is the message). The conclusion? Unable to install Windows on an external hdd.

But the truth is another. You can install one Windows OS on an external hard diskBut the installation is done in a way different from the standard.

To install Windowsul (in our case Windows 7) on an external hdd you need the following:

  • primarily a GB external hard drive with minimal space 16 (before starting the installation process of Windowsto the external hdd, it is recommended to make a backup of the data on your hard - If any - to ensure that they will not "suffer")
  • the installation files of Windowscommunity (in this case DVD or installation image Windows 7 - Plus software to mount the image)
  • Windows Automated Installation KIT (or WAIK), Which you can Download free from the Microsoft website.

Step 1.

Create two new folders on one partition that has 5GB minimum space, and name them Windows Files si WAIK Files


Step 2.

Download next archive and extract its contents folder WAIK Files


Install WAIK server, then search for these files in the partition that you have installed Windowsul (ie C:; files will be available only after installing the WAIK server):

  • bcdboot.exe
  • Bootsect.exe
  • ImageX.exe

and copy them all in folder WAIK Files

Step 3.

Extract the installation files Windows 7 (DVD or the mounted image) folder Windows Files

Step 4.

In the WAIK folder Files, right-click on installer.cmd and select Run as administrator


Step 5

type Enter and select install.wim window open

1 2

Step 6.

Select edition Windows 7 you want to install allocated by typing its number (in this case 5 figure)


Step 7.

type letter allocated external HDD (in this case letter X)


Step 8.

tap active partition allocated letter (Ie partition where the operating system is installed, usually - as in this case - letter C)


Step 9.

type Y when you will be asked if the drive you want to install Windowsthe is connected via USB and then let Enter


Step 10.

Retype Enter to begin installing Windows 7 on the external hdd. If you find that the installation process takes a little longer than the standard installation, keep in mind that in this case it is the installation Windowsto an external hard drive.


Step 11.

After the installation process will reach final reboot your PC for the last settings can be made.


Once the installation is complete, you can install any software and drivers you want. You have (still) a system Windows 7 fully functional.

Note: An installation image was used for this tutorial Windows 7 x86, but it is also valid for Windows 7 x64.

How can we install it? Windows 7 on an External Hard Disk [Windows OS Tweak]

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