How can we minimize inactive windows Windows automatically after a certain time

Usually when you work on computerI wont leave open all windows / folders / settings / programs they use, greatly aglomerand desktop. So I manage to mess quite often when I need to reaccesez a certain window of the inactive (Although it would be much simpler to use button Show Desktop, And then look in that window taskbarI wont to get momentum with clicks inactive windows open in the background, because in the end to order all the Taskbar).

If you will recognize in the above, most probably, like me, want to get rid of this habit sometimes becomes frustrating (especially when you have no time to lose). The solution is called Swept Away.

Swept Away is a free utility for Windows with which users can activate minimizing inactive windows automatically after a certain time.

How does Swept Away?

The application has interface than for window settingsIt running right after it launched system tray. Default time interval After the non-active windows are minimized is 300 secondsBut it can be set according to preferences users Preferences (to access Preferences, right click on the application icon in systray). Just type the desired interval (in seconds) in the field below Time before minimizing. And if you want application to start automatically every time boot Windows, Check Swept Away Run on startup.


Also, you can select some windows and you want to keep them open even when they are inactive (some browser or a specific application) using option Excludee (also accessible from the right-click menu of the systray icon Swept Away).


Note: The application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows and Windows 7 8.

Credit @ LifeHacker

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to automatically minimize inactive windows after a specific interval of time

How can we minimize inactive windows Windows automatically after a certain time

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