How can we change the default applications in Windows 8.1

Although Windows 8 was released more than a year are enough users who upgraded directly from Windows 7 la Windows 8.1, Which means that they have not yet had time to get used to the new operating system and have found all settings and to configure the system after preferences.

Since the first editions of Windows, microsoft the bundled operating system their applications such as Internet Explorer browser or Windows Media Player. In Windows 8 si Windows 8.1With the introduction modern applicationsThe number of own applications increased significantly, and while Microsoft does not force users to use them necessarily on them, at the operating system such applications are set as default.


If use Windows 8.1 and you want to change default applications for different activities (Internet browsing, View images and / or videos, Music, e-mail etc..) follow the instructions below.

How to modify the default Windows applications 8.1?

  • open menu Charms, Click on Settings then Change PC settings


  • in the settings dialog, select Search and apps in the left pane


  • displayed in the left menu click on DefaultsThen the right side, click on each entry to change the default application for the activity (will be displayed list with all applications installed in the system which can play activity Selected)


And that's it. Changes occur immediatelyUsers not having to save the new settings. Enjoy Windows 8.1!

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to change default Windows apps 8.1

How can we change the default applications in Windows 8.1

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