How can we restore a backup image to Windows 8.1

As I said in This article, Microsoft partially waived the feature System Image backup in the new operating system, namely Windows 8.1. Fortunately, those interested in creating such a backup image can do this by using Command Promptacquis (Or Windows Power shell). But how can we restore un backup created System Image backup in Windows 8.1?

Restore a backup image to Windows 8.1 cu System Image Recovery

Backup images of a system Windows can not be restored in the system, given that these rewrite the entire system. Therefore, in order to restore a backup so users need a System installation DVD (or USB bootable) Or a Repair Disc.

To restore a backup image with System Image Recovery in Windows 8.1 follow the instructions below:

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  • enter media device cu installation files system (DVD or USB bootable) or recovery disk in computer
  • when viewed installation screen, Click on the link Repair your computer displayed in the lower left corner


  • then click on Troubleshoot displayed menu


  • select Advanced Options


  • then click on System Image Recovery to restore the system using backup image


  • connect to computer external media device that you save the image backup you want to restore

restore-system-image-on-windows8.1 th

  • then follow the steps in the wizard to restore your operating system


Note: Tutorial also valid for Windows 8.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to restore System Image Backup in Windows 8.1

How can we restore a backup image to Windows 8.1

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