How can we change the DNS address in OS X

If you are using OS X and experienced some problems cu Internet connection (For example, most of the users OS X Yosemite complained problems WiFi after they upgraded to the operating system), one of the ways that you can solve these problems is to change your DNS offered by ISP your a DNS address public, Such as Open DNS or Google DNS (They are not only more stableBut often they are more to Apply than your ISP's DNS, and offers Feature Links more like content filtering, child protection, anti-pishing etc).

How to change the DNS address in OS X?

  • open System Preferences and select Network
  • the left select network you are connected to (whether it's network WiFi, Ethernet or AirPort), Then click on the Advanced displayed in the bottom right corner
  • select tab DNS, Click the button plus from under DNS Servers and enter address (Es) DNS you want to use
  • in tab Hardware select Manually From the drop-down menu in the right Configure, select Custom in righteous MTU, Enter the number 1453 MTU that number, then click on OK

After you make these changes Network settings, Your Internet connection will be more stable and, most likely faster.

Addresses DNS for Open DNS si Google DNS are the following:

Open DNS


Google DNS


To learn more DNS addresses public you can access or you can perform a search Google Search.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to change DNS server address in OS X

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