How to use a USB flash as additional RAM in Windows Vista

Reasons why you RAM upgradeCPC PC's Supplied are sufficient, but as there are many reasons for postponing the upgrade. First, lack of money, and lack of time, or, most probably, memory shorten : D Suppose, for example, you want to test an application or new gameBut they move slowly annoying configuration current computer. Something extra RAM would not hurt you in such times, and although you're thinking to buy again memoryAfter PC close look. In fact, the game will run better just thought it would upgrade your RAM.

For users Windows Vista there is a simple way to increase system performance and to enjoy its greater speed. ReadyBoost is a characteristic feature of this OS (Vista), through which users can use a USB memory stick used as additional. But since it is not enough to connect a USB flash to the computer for the system to become more agile Instantly, should be done some specific settingsExplained below:

1. Connect USB to your computer (first Disable AutoPlay), Then right click on it and select Properties.

2. In Properties click on the tab ReadyBoost and select Do not use this deviceThen click on OK and disconnect the USB stick from your computer

3. Open Registry Editor (Run-> regedit) And follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ EMDgmt. In the left pane (under EMDgmt) have a USB devices list which were connected to the computer when the system was installed. One of those devices is your USB. Select it (one click) and then change the following in the right pane:

  • right click->Modify on entry Device Status, Change its value in 2Then click on OK
  • change input values ReadSpeedKBs si WriteSpeedKBs in 1000.
  • close regedit.

4. Reconnect USB to your computer. Go to Properties-> ReadyBoost and select Use this device. Your system will behave as if they have received a Serving good The extra RAM. Enjoy! : D

How to use a USB flash as additional RAM in Windows Vista

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