Microsoft will introduce Desktop App Folders on Windows 11 23H2

Microsoft is preparing new features for the next major update Windows 11, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2022, in October.
Desktop App Folders it seems to be one of the features Windows 11 23H2.

Users who have devices with Windows 11 enrolled in Windows Insider Program, have noticed that for some time now Microsoft has stopped delivering major changes and no longer brings new features. An almost clear sign that a major update package with new features will be prepared Windows 11, but which is currently not ready. Nor for Windows Insider Preview nor for Dev Channel.

What is Deskop App Folders on Windows 11

For many years, about Windows XP and up to Windows 10, Microsoft did not really understand that the architecture of the operating systems must have productivity and quick access to utilities and applications in the foreground.

With Windows 10, various solutions were sought to make the operating system more pleasing to users and focused on productivity. New workspaces, new shortcut possibilities to folders and applications, plus many other features present on Windows 10 and especially on Windows 11.

Desktop App Folders is not a feature confirmed by Microsoft, but was observed during the Microsoft event in April 2022. The company said only that it intends to offer users in the near future Windows 11 the possibility to add folders with applications in Start Menu.

Desktop App Folders
Desktop App Folders

The "Social media" folder in the image above seems to contain shortcuts of the social media applications installed on the operating system. At the same time we observe productivity applications such as: Excel, PowerPoint and Mail that are not grouped in a folder.

This folder with applications would be a welcome feature, which would help a lot to keep clean and a good organization of the workspace. We all know that Desktop work files are often gathered and especially shortcuts of the applications installed on the system are listed. Desktop App Folder should be an automatic organization of programs into folders, depending on the destination of the file.

Similar feature on other operating systems

The idea would not be new. Apple introduced App Library on iPadOS and iOS for some time. A dedicated page where you can find the folders of the applications installed on the system, where the sorting is done automatically and in which the user cannot intervene.

App Library on iPadOS
App Library on iPadOS

users Mac they have at their disposal both Launchpad, a dynamic panel in which all the applications are and in which folders can be created manually in which they can be sorted by categories.
For Desktop there is the option of automatically grouping the files according to their type, in "stacks". A kind of library that collects files of the same type on Desktop in one place, following to extend them with a simple click.

We hope so Desktop App Folders to materialize and become as soon as possible a feature of Windows 11.

It would help a lot to keep a clean and organized workspace.

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