Disable auto-play video on Facebook and settings for video quality (HD & SD)

Facebook recently introduced new options for video content publicat pe social networking.

In default, the videos published on News Feed begin automatically runWithout the need to give play. Autoplay. For some this may be good, but if you have a slow Internet connection or are connected by a 3G network / 4G limited trafficWe can still prefer to choose for themselves whether or not we want to give play at a Video posted on Facebook.

Disable auto-play video on Facebook and setting playback HD or SD

Step 1: Mergem in Facebook account settings  (At the top right we have a down arrow that scrolls a menu. Select "Settings")

Step 2: On the left side we have the last option settings Video. We go to settings click on the Video.

Disable video autoplay on Facebook and video quality settings (HD & SD)

At the first setting, Video Default Quality we can choose how to be Play your movies on Facebook. SD or HD if they have been "uploaded" high resolutions.
The second setting is for auto-play. Auto-Play Videos. We can choose the movies to play automatically when surfing in News Feed, or we can turn this setting off.


Disable auto-play video on Facebook and settings for video quality (HD & SD)

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