Disable Restart Automatically for System Errors in Windows 7 / XP / Vista - System Failure / BSoD

Both operating systems and also / are set to give their automatic restart when they occur errors major system or blue screen (BSoD). In some cases errors can be corrected and without restarting the operating system, but to do this you need a set operating system to no longer give automatic restart in case of a crash (system crash).

Disable Automatic Reboot to Errors and Blue Screen (System Failure) in Windows XP / Windows 7 si Windows Vista.

The method is the same for all operating systems mentioned above, the only difference being the gateway option to disable "Automatically Restart on System Failure"

For those who have operating systems Windows XP, Right-click My Computer > Click "Properties"> Click on the tab"Advanced" from System Properties and click on "Settings" from Startup and Recovery.

startup and recovery

In Startup and Recovery Uncheck the box next automatically Restart (under System Failure) and click OK to save the change.

XP system failure

Operating systems Windows Vista si Windows 7 Right-click "My Computer" leads directly into a System Information / System Properties something different than XP, and the button / link to open the box System Properties> Startup and Recovery is on the left side site.

Advanced System Properties

When errors Blue Screen Chances are slim to get over them without rebooting, but this option spares us to get into dump / Error Logs to see what caused the error. Many times Blue ScreenCPC disappears very quickly and did not have time to read error code. With this option unchecked Blue Screen will stay until we decide restart / shutdown, so we always visualize summary details of the error system.

Disable Restart Automatically for System Errors in Windows 7 / XP / Vista - System Failure / BSoD

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