Disable & Clear DNS Cache - Windows 7, Vista & XP

Even though we use new technology "InPrivate"The Internet Explorer 8 or "Private Browsing"The Google Chrome, You should not store any information by browsing websites, here's something still left in your PC. DNS CacheCPC.

display dns cache

To view the DNS cache is enough to open Command Prompt and type:

ipconfig / displaydns

Clear, Reset or Flush DNS Cache in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Type in Command Prompt :

ipconfig / flushdns

You'll get the message:

Windows IP Configuration

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

In Windows Vista si Windows 7 will be open cmdSite with Administrator privileges to clear the DNS cache.

Stop DNS Cache (Method available on all operating systems)

To stop the DNS Cache we open Command Prompt and write the following command line:

net stop dnscache

stop dns cache

A number of software-hate antivirus si firewall offers another option during installation of the disable DNS CacheAnd Internet browser Mozilla Firefox will provide a add-on where you can enable / disable the DNS cache with one click.

Allows you to disable and enable the DNS Cache of Firefox:

* To get an idea of ​​the DNS Cache si DNS Cache PoisoningI found a great article on wikipedia.

Disable & Clear DNS Cache - Windows 7, Vista & XP

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