Counter-Strike: Source - for Mac OS X

If until now the owners Mac OS They were deprived of one of the most popular PC games, Counter-StrikeThose from Valve Corporation I bring good news.

Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) He received a Update important these days and it is available at download for only & 6.80 in these two days (25.06.2010 - 27.06.2010).

cs mac os x


New lifetime player stats and match and summary screens Give you insight into how you play. You Can tracks your kills, your Deaths, and compare yourself against other players. Learn your accuracy with each weapon so no more guessing where are you spending your money shouldnt BE.


Over 140 unique achievements have been added. The achievements cover everything from defusing bombs spirit winning gun rounds to dominating your first foe. Can you 5 kill opponents with a blast of C4 to earn the "Clusterstruck"Achievement?

UPDATED Scoreboard

Can you earn MVP or by getting the most kills defusing the bomb? Always Know Who on your team is the most Contributing with the end Round MVP award. And all your Steam favorite features Including avatar pictures have been added, domination icons and more.


A New Death Cam That Shows Who Killed you. The New domination and revenge system Makes it Personal. Also we have included various source Engine updates, bug fixes, and more.

Download Counter-Strike Source-

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