Find & Replace in nano (OS X & Linux Terminal Text Editor)

dwarf"It is the easiest for userstext editor for Linux and / or OS X. Although I have been using it for many years as a text editor for Linux (via consul or SSH/Putty) and for OS X (via Terminal) Day I first experienced command "find and replace". Specifically, to replace a text file words / phrases identical to other words or phrases.

Find & Replace with nano in Linux and OS X

1. sudo nano / folder / filename (To open the file you want to edit)
2. In nano editor, press Ctrl + \. At the bottom of the editor will ask us to enter the word or phrase to be replaced (Search (to replace):). Enter after as the text to be replaced.
3. Introduce new text that will replace the one entered in step 2. (Replace with:). Enter.
4. Press "A"To replace all the phrases / words found.
4. Ctrl + X press "Y"To save your changes and close nano editor.

Nano Text Editor and help commands: nano -h

Find & Replace in nano (OS X & Linux Terminal Text Editor)

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