Accidentally Deleted Files How to Recover

Shift + Delete. Enter. O combination useful But and dangerous at the same time. Useful for you get rid of files in record time you no longer need and nothing occupying space on your hard drive. Dangerous because there able to accidentally delete important filesThat you can not recover from . Just to repair such faults have been developed ur softwarei (applications) user coming to the aid of yawning, retrieving files "irremediably"Deleted.

From dozens of such software, recommend Undelete PLUSA programel you can find including Portable version (No installer) and will help recover recently deleted files which was done suddenly miss you (no guarantee recovery of deleted files months ago).

Undelete PLUS is simple interface and easy to use, the recoverable files shared on categories or folders, displaying the status of each file separately (Very Good, Good, Bad, and so on).


For faster identification of files that you want to retrieve, apply filter.


Undelete PLUS is compatible with operating systems Windows 98 / 2000, / ME / NT, Windows Server 2003, and recover deleted files from formatted hard drives NTFS / NTFS5, FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 .

Download Undelete PLUS.

Accidentally Deleted Files How to Recover

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