What is SELinux and solving “Failed to load SELinux Policy” on CentOS / RHEL [Fix]

First of all, let's make a brief description of SELinux. What is SELinux and what role does it play on the Linux operating system? SELinux is a kernel security module, which has the role of controlling the access of software applications and users, on the operating system. Released around mid-2000, Read More

Fix open () Critical Error : 13: Permission denied - Upload Images Error in WordPress

WordPress is a very flexible system, which allows users to create very fast from a simple blog to an advanced presentation website or an online store. Like any system, however, it is not without problems. Most of the time, web hosting offers are optimized for either a small number of users, Read More

Fix EXIM Error : all hosts for 'domain.tld' have been failing for a long time (and retry time not reached)

An error encountered on private e-mail servers when trying to send e-mail addresses from a specific domain or to a specific e-mail address. The scenario is as simple as possible. We have an e-mail address. -mail private (ie does not belong to Gmail, MSN, OutLook, iCloud, Yahoo !, etc) from which we cannot send… Read More

How to create a tar archive of files and directories (folders) on the server using a PHP script

A very simple solution in many situations, for a rather serious problem. In the scenario where we would have to move a website, whose files number several thousand, and the web hosting provider does not provide us with a backup system with archiving or other similar method that allows us to do this, the transfer by… Read More

Upgrade to PHP PHP 5.1.x 5.3 5.6 on CentOS

Most CMSs, including WordPress, have the minimum requirement to install a newer version of PHP 5.1.x on the web server. In the tutorial below we will show you some simple steps by which you can upgrade from PHP 5.1.x to PHP 5.3 on Linux CentOS 5.6. 1. First of all you must Read More

Show database queries total, memory usage & execution time (WordPress)

WordPress is a platform that no longer needs comments. As flexible as WordPress is, it can require a lot of CPU / RAM resources if too many plugins or functions are used. For blogs and sites created on WordPress that need to support high user traffic, it is very… Read More

Disable / Remove IIS Components - Memory Optimization

W2WP.EXE is a process that is part of a wider range of IIS services. In many cases, this process creates problems with RAM and CPU, due to high resource consumption. For those who do not use IIS, the presence of this process on the system does nothing but decrease the performance of the operating system. IIS Read More

MySQL server, come back!

Stupidity no longer takes place on this post. My database went for a walk to get some fresh air :) Error every time I approve a comment on the post "Yahoo! Password List ”. The only solution I thought of is to increase the time of… Read More