Content Encoding Error / Cannot Decode Raw Data (Fix Error NSURLErrorDomain)

“Content Encoding Error”Or“ Cannot Decode Raw Data ”is the same error, the message being different from one internet browser to another. This error can occur when we try to access a web page from your computer or mobile phone. Safari users also receive an error code following the message: NSURLErrorDomain - Read More

Firefox 59 (Quantum) - HTTP Connection is Not Secure

After the launch of the Quantum version, Firefox is slowly but surely regaining its lost ground in the face of Google Chrome and other internet browser applications, to which users have migrated in recent years. About Firefox Quantum we can only say that it is a perfect browser at the moment, which offers a higher loading speed compared to Read More

Safari 11.0 for OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra has been released - Download & Update

Only a few days before the launch macOS High Sierra, operating system that will be available for download and installation on all compatible devices starting with 25.09.2017, Apple publicly releases a consistent update for Safari. Internet browser developed by Apple and installed by default on all operating systems macOS and iOS (variant for… Read More

Safari with anti-tracking and new functions for videos on macOS High Sierra

Apple reconfirms this year that you care a lot about the privacy policy of users who use the company's devices and services. After announcing that the "cleaning" in the App Store has started, being targeted primarily the applications and games that do not respect the privacy of the private data of those who download and use them,… Read More

Safari Technology Preview - Discover how web technologies will evolve: HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Safari is by far not the most popular web browser, but for users macOS with a higher level of experience, Safari is definitely the browser default pe Mac. If we take into account that almost all users of Mac have a iPhone or iPad, then Safari is definitely the best… Read More

Chrome and Safari AutoFill of Credit Card can provide information hackers

A rather worrying piece of information appeared on Twitter the other day, according to which the Chrome and Safari autofill can provide hackers with very sensitive information, such as name, email address, postal address, phone number and credit data. / debit card of users using this option. What is autophilia? - The option that Read More

How-To Subscribe to RSS Feed in Safari / Mac OS X El Capitan & Yosemite

RSS is the best solution to receive updates and news from multiple websites in one place. We have news sites that interest us, sites that regularly provide us with news from IT, personal care, health, science or any other field. To keep up to date with the latest articles published on… Read More

Fix iOS 9.3 Crash / Update iOS to 9.3.1 - Links Tapping Not Working in Safari and other apps / browsers

iOS 9.3 came with some news for owners iPhone, but it also came with a very annoying bug. Some owners of iPhonehave reported problems accessing links (tapping links) in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even in some applications such as Booking or TrimAdvisor. As written in this article, the problem persists any orice Read More

[IOS 9 Tips] Search for word / words in a web page opened with Safari on iPhone or iPad

Safari is the web browser developed by Apple and present on all iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) but also on devices with OS X operating system (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) With the launch of iOS 9,  Apple introduced a new feature for the Safari web browser application. Ability to search for words, characters… Read More

Change the folder default Download Safari on Mac OS X

For OS X systems, Safari is the most recommended internet browser, being automatically installed with the operating system. If you visit a web page and have a file to download, you usually just have to click on the download link, and Safari takes care of the rest. The download window will hold… Read More