How can we install it? Windows 10 or Windows 11 without a license? Windows Product Key

Windows 11

Until 2015 when it was launched Windows 10, a Microsoft operating system could not be installed if I did not have a valid license code (Windows Product Key). If you are still a user of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or an older operating system, you can try Windows 10, without being… Read More

How to deactivate and transfer the license Windows 11, 10 (Product Key) from one PC to another

Windows How to Hero

How do we know what type of license we have activated on Windows and how we can transfer the license from one PC to another. Types of licenses Windows and what properties each has.

How do we add the license Windows 11 in your personal Microsoft - Link account Windows Product Key to Microsoft Account

Windows 11

A very useful tutorial if we have a license Windows and we want to add it to your Microsoft account. Link Windows Product Key to Microsoft Account. Enable Windows 10 is still a problem for many users, especially when they need to change hardware components (HDD / SSD) or reinstall Windows 10 and activate it Read More

Problems Activation Windows 10 - Windows 10 Is Not Genuine

Windows 11

Even before the launch Windows 10, Microsoft has announced that it will be a free operating system. Specifically, those who have already installed Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 can upgrade for free to the new one Windows 10. Many rushed to book their upgrade or look for installation solutions immediately after the launch date. What the … Read More

Download Free and Install New Windows 10. Permanent Upgrade!

Windows 11

Just a few days ago Microsoft notified (via systray) the majority of users Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1, that they can reserve for free an original copy for download and installation of the future operating system Windows 10. It is somewhat surprising that Microsoft decides to offer a free upgrade Windows 10 a… Read More