Add Bing Search, Youtube, Yahoo! & Flickr in Windows Explorer. (Windows 7 Search Connector)

"Search Connector" is a lesser known feature of Windows 7, which allows us to search on Youtube, Flickr, DevinatArt, Bing, Yahoo! Search, Amazon and other sites directly from Windows Explorer, without having to open an Internet Browser. Create Search Connector for Windows 7. Everything is in an .osdx file, which can… Read More

Yoono - Social Network & IM / Add-on Firefox ~ Flock

Certainly lately, due to the development of several IM and social networking systems, services have started to be sought that allow simultaneous connection on several such networks. Apart from applications desktop which allow this, have developed and add-on (extensions) for the most popular browsers, which offer… Read More

This video is not available in your country [YouTube]

I frequently came across the message "This video is not available in your country." on, when we try to see a video. Initially I thought it was an error on YouTube or that I had my laptop infested with Ceausescu 2.0. Neither, nor… The message "This video is not available in your country" stresses users around the world… Read More

iPhone YouTube offers

Apple announces that users of iPhone will be able to enjoy YouTube services through a new application Apple-designed. With iPhone you can watch YouTube content wirelessly over Wi-Fi networks or EDGE and of course on a 3.5 inch display. To achieve better video quality and longer battery life at Read More