HP HotKey UWP Service – RAM / CPU Usage

HP is one of the largest manufacturers of laptops and PCs. HP laptops are widely used by users who are not working hard and who are business.
Lately, more and more users are complaining that even though they have high-performance PCs, a update de driver Windows 11 for HP HotKey UWP Service, made his significantly increases RAM memory consumption and CPU.

An owner of HP laptop complains that after updateHP HotKey UWP Service driver consumes approx RAM 50GB from a total of 64GB. It is an extremely high RAM consumption for a 3D editing program.

What is HP HotKey UWP Service?

As the name implies, HP HotKey UWP Service is a driver that provides special functions on the key. "Fn“. Specifically, the keys with functions from F1 to F12 can also perform other functions when held down and the "Fn" key. It can change the volume, screen brightness, you can put a laptop in the module sleep, keyboard light intensity.

HP HotKey UWP Service on Windows 11 si Windows 10

The problem of excessive memory consumption started in June 2021 for users who used it Windows 11, Whereas the Windows 10 no excessive RAM consumption reported.
At the beginning of 2022, the number of users who complained about this issue on forums increased significantly, and even a few owners of HP laptops with Windows 10 who say that the HP HotKey UWP Service has begun to unreasonably consume many resources.

At the time of this publication, HP representatives have only stated that the driver has been removed from Windows Update and that he is working to fix this problem as soon as possible, which affects a huge number of HP laptops around the world. Especially since so many users have gone from Windows 10 la Windows 11.

How do we make the HP HotKey UWP service low on RAM?

HP HotKey UWP is a service that starts automatically when you open your laptop. Identify it in Windows Services and its transition to "automatically" on "Delayed start"Or on"Disabled"It could be a solution. Especially if you don't use these key combinations with "Fn".
launch Services.msc, we identify HP HotKey UWP Service, right click on it, then at “Properties” we change “Startup type:" into the "Manual","Disabled"Or"Automatic (Delayed Start)“. Find a similar method at this link: here.

Another way is to stop the Task Manager service. We identify him in the list of services and interrupt his activity. This operation will need to be done every time we open the laptop.

Hopefully HP will come up with a solution in the future update to Microsoft Windows 11, in which HP HotKey UPW Service no longer consumes a lot of RAM memory unnecessarily.

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