Indentation and spacing of text in Word

Text or paragraph indentation

One of the ways of highlighting a text or paragraph it is indentationIe placing it in whole or in part, more inward, to a certain distance from the edge.

Decrease Indent Word 

Current paragraph indentation (default) or selected paragraphs can be made:

  • indentation buttons Decrease Indent si Increase Indent using a predefined indentation of five spaces;

Increase Indent Word

  • with the help rulerUsing mouseCPC and indentation marks (Triangle or rectangle shape) left and right ruler;

1. by moving the mouse to the "triangle" in the upper left edge of the ruler (First Line Indent) Will indent the first paragraph (or paragraphs, if multiple selection) from the left margin;

First Line Indent

2. by moving the mouse to the "triangle" in the lower left edge of the ruler (Hanging Indent) Will indent the rest of the paragraph (except the first) from the left margin;

Hanging Indent

3. by moving the mouse to "rectangle" from the left ruler to indent the entire paragraph will be from the left margin;

4. by moving the mouse to the "triangle" in the lower right edge of the ruler will indent the paragraph from the right margin;

  • options indentation the dialog window Paragraph - Page Indents and Spacing. Changes made can be viewed in box Preview.

Paragraph in Word

Do not use tabs or spaces for indentation, because there is risk of disruption to the document.


To make it clearer a paragraph (text) can change the space between lines. Exact size of the space between rows is determined by the font size. For example, a font 10 points, the space between two rows is about 10 points in a row and writing 20 points for writing two lines. The space between the two rows is determined by the size of the largest font in that line.

Line Spacing in Word

Changing row spacing of current paragraph (the default) or selected paragraphs can be achieved through box line Spacing dialog box ParagraphFrom which you can choose options: single (Single-spaced) 1.5 Lines (Writing in a row and a half) Double (Two times), At Least (At least the amount entered in box AT) Exactly (At exactly the amount entered in box) or Multiple (Multiple of the value set in box AT). At box can be completed using the buttons increment / decrement of it.

Paragraph Spacing in Word

Through boxes before si After can change the spacing before the current paragraph (or selected ones) and after current paragraph (or selected).

Indentation and spacing of text in Word

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